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Istanbul Bilgi University

Istanbul Bilgi University always strives to be among the first in the ranking of universities as the university has several ..

شعار جامعة بيلجي اسطنبول

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Istanbul Bilgi University always strives to be among the first in the ranking of universities as the university has several international confessions and is a member of the Association of European Universities in the European Union and in several international institutions


Istanbul Bilgi University is ranked 4th at the level of Turkish universities according to the 2019 QS Ranking.

It is noteworthy that the university received several awards for quality and accreditation, including CEA accreditation and it is one of the most certificates of quality English language teaching in the world.


  • Also, it is accredited by MÜDEK Engineering Sciences and TPD accreditation to the Psychology Department by the Turkish Psychologists Association
  • It has student exchange programs such as the Erasmus program which gives students an opportunity to study a year or semester at any university in the European Union, and the Farabi program for Turkey and many countries of the world including Canada, America, and Australia
  • It is considered part of the network of Nobel Prize-winning universities and is the only member in Turkey of the leading network of Loriate global universities since 2006. The university studies most of its majors in the English language and is distinguished for engineering and administrative specialties
  • The University currently has 23,000 students, nearly 1,000 faculty, 7 colleges, 3 institutes, 4 schools, 3 vocational schools, and 150 programs that provide education for their undergraduate, graduate, and graduate students
  • The university uses English as the main language to teach its various programs
  • The university has membership in many local and international educational bodies and organizations such as the Association of International Universities, laureate international universities, the Association of European Universities, the Association for the Advancement of Business Schools, and the Turkish KalDer among others
  • The university has bilateral agreements with many international universities, most notably American University Washington College of Law, State University of New York, Oswego, and many other universities
  • The university has an employment center that provides volunteer training for students, providing them with many unique opportunities to obtain solid working experience. Thanks to the training provided by the center, many of our students have had the opportunity to know what they really need in their careers. Thus they can start their work with more confidence. The center also supports students and graduates and organizes many different activities to develop their professional skills




Vision of Bilgi University


To be an international university that expands the boundaries of science and art embraces freedom, takes a lead in the development of society, provides a place where students and faculty share a passion for learning, and where all members, both academic and administrative, dedicate themselves to this end.




Mission Of Bilgi Univesity


İstanbul Bilgi University undertakes to contribute to science, artistic production, and the development of technology; to educate individuals whose research and problem-solving skills have developed in an atmosphere of free thought and an awareness of social responsibility, whose competencies meet international standards, and who in addition to respecting the rules of ethics and of professional objectivity is also open to multi-disciplinary approaches; and to serve society within multi-dimensional standards of quality.





İstanbul Bilgi University has three campuses that are centrally located and offering a vivid and colorful student life with near 1,000 social and cultural events a year: Kuştepe, Dolapdere, and sentarlistanbul.




Library and e-Resources


İstanbul Bilgi University Library provides a direct contribution to education, research, and the intellectual development of students. Three libraries and seven study halls offer various spaces such as studying and reading sections for individual and collective use, comfortable reading sections, and IT corners, All campuses of İstanbul Bilgi University offer cafeterias and restaurants that serve the catering needs of students and employees.




  Europe Study Mobility program is an Erasmus program that allows students to study in European countries. Istanbul Bilgi University students have international opportunities in a students exchange program. 






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