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Multimedia University

Multimedia University Malaysia (MMU), known as "MMU" for short, is one of Malaysia's leading universities with a strong reputation in the fields of science, technology, and media.

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Multimedia University: The Leading Technology Gateway
Multimedia University Malaysia (MMU), known as “MMU” for short, is one of Malaysia’s leading universities with a strong reputation in the fields of science, technology, and media.
It has succeeded in providing a modern and advanced educational environment for students from around the world.
Multimedia University’s Malaysian and Global Rankings
MMU is ranked among the top private universities in Malaysia, positioned at 207 in the 2024 Asian University Rankings and 1001 in the 2024 World University Rankings. It holds the 19th spot in Malaysia. Previous rankings include:
2021 QS World Ranking: Among the top 20 universities in Malaysia.
2023 QS World Ranking: Among the top 10 universities in Asia.
2021 World Ranking: Among the top 10 universities in Malaysia.
2023 World Ranking: Among the top 10 private universities globally.
Overview of Multimedia University Malaysia (MMU)
Established by Telekom Malaysia in 1996, Multimedia University has rapidly grown into a significant center for higher education and scientific research in the region.
It is a member of several international organizations, including the Association of Asian Universities (AAU) and the International Association of Universities (IAU). MMU has received numerous awards, including the “Best Private University” award in Malaysia from the Ministry of Education.
It offers collaborative programs with local and international companies to help students acquire practical skills essential for success in the job market.
First Private Sector-Owned Institution Accredited by the Government
MMU is the first privately-owned institution accredited by the government in Malaysia and is considered a 5-star university.
MMU collaborates with some of the biggest names in the global industry, including ZTE, Nokia, Dell, Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, and Motorola.
Multimedia University Malaysia’s Campus
Multimedia University Malaysia (MMU) has campuses in different locations in the country:
– Cyberjaya Campus: The main campus located in Cyberjaya, Malaysia, covering an area of approximately 80 hectares. It is situated near the international airport, about a 20-minute drive. The campus includes various facilities such as classrooms, laboratories, library, research centers, sports facilities, student accommodations, and recreational facilities.
Established in June 1999, it comprises four colleges: Information Technology, Engineering, Multimedia, and Management.
Melaka Campus: Located in the historic city of Melaka on the west coast of the Malaysian peninsula, covering an area of 30 hectares.
It consists of two educational centers: the Main Campus and the Center for Diploma and Continuing Education.
The campus comprises three colleges: Information Science and Technology, Engineering and Technology, and Business and Law.
Popular Specializations at Multimedia University
MMU offers a wide range of academic programs in business, engineering, computer science, multimedia, and social sciences, including:
Bachelor’s Programs: Available in both face-to-face and distance learning formats, with a duration of four years, except for medicine and dentistry programs, which last five years.
Master’s Programs: Available in both face-to-face and distance learning formats, with a duration of two years.
Doctoral Programs: With a duration of three years.
Student Exchange Programs: MMU offers student exchange programs with many international universities, allowing students to study abroad for a semester or academic year.
Popular Specializations at MMU
MMU University is renowned for several Majors, including:
Information Technology and Computer Science:
Software Engineering: Focuses on the development and maintenance of software using engineering concepts.
Game Design: Concentrates on the development and design of video games.
Data Science: Involves understanding and analyzing data using statistical methods and modern techniques to extract various values and make decisions.
Cybersecurity: A modern and vital field focusing on protecting digital systems and data from cyber threats.
Artificial Intelligence: Focuses on studying and developing intelligent systems capable of performing tasks traditionally requiring human intelligence.
Business Information Systems: Combines knowledge in business management and information technology.
Creative Multimedia and Cinematic Arts:
Advertising Design: Focuses on developing students’ skills in creating engaging and effective advertising content.
Animation: Focuses on the art and techniques of creating motion and animation using tools like computers, hand-drawing, and 3D techniques.
Visual Effects: Specializes in creating and applying innovative and attractive visual effects in cinema, television, games, and digital media.Media Arts: Covers a wide range of topics related to media production and visual communication.
UI Design: Focuses on developing and designing user interfaces for web applications, mobile applications, and other software.
Virtual Reality: Focuses on understanding and applying technologies related to creating interactive and realistic virtual environments.
Engineering Majors:
Electrical Engineering: Includes studying and applying electrical and electronic principles to design and develop electrical systems and devices.
Electronics: Focuses on designing and developing various electronic systems and devices.
Computer Engineering: Covers various fields of engineering and computer science, combining engineering and computational aspects.
Wired and Wireless Communications: Focuses on studying and developing systems and technologies that enable information transfer across communication media.
Number of Students at Multimedia University
According to university data, the number of students at Multimedia University Malaysia in 2023 was approximately 37,000, with over 22,000 students from about 80 different countries in the Cyberjaya campus, and over 15,000 students in the Melaka campus.
International students represent around 20% of the total student population at the university.
Application and Admission Dates at Multimedia University
Application and admission dates vary depending on the program applied for and are divided as follows:
Undergraduate Programs: April, July, September, and November.
Postgraduate Studies: April, July, September, and November.
Master’s and Ph.D. Programs: The final deadline for online applications is March 15th, and the final deadline for receiving supporting documents is March 31st.
It’s important to communicate with the Alemni Shokran platform for comprehensive details regarding application and admission dates at Multimedia University.
Registration Requirements at Multimedia University
Registration requirements at MMU vary depending on the academic program and level of study. The most important of these requirements include:
– High school diploma and transcripts in English and Arabic, ensuring that the name and passport number exactly match the certificate.
– English language test, such as IELTS or TOEFL, requiring a score of 4 for preparatory year, 5 or 6 for bachelor’s, 6 for master’s and Ph.D. programs.
– Recommendation letter from a teacher or supervisor.
– Curriculum vitae.
– Birth certificate and passport photos with a white background.
– Admission tests.
– Personal interviews.
– A copy of all passport pages with a validity of at least one and a half years.
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Study Costs at Multimedia University
Study costs at MMU vary depending on the academic program and level of study, as follows:
– The annual tuition fees for bachelor’s degree (on average) amount to $5,000 USD.
– Diploma fees are approximately $4,500 USD.
– International transfer fees are about $530 USD.
– And the tuition deposit is approximately $640 USD.
Housing Costs at Multimedia University
MMU offers a variety of housing options for students, including:
On-campus accommodation: Costs around $640 USD per month, offering shared or single rooms with access to common facilities like restaurants and gyms.
Off-campus accommodation: Costs between $500 and $800 USD per month, offering furnished or unfurnished apartments with access to restaurants and shopping centers.
If you intend to study in Malaysia and choose MMU as your educational destination, just contact Alemni Shokran platform and enjoy all the services it provides to make your study abroad experience easier and better in every aspect.

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