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OSTIM Technical University

In an increasingly competitive world, OSTIM Tech differentiates itself through hands-on, high-tech, and world-class education enriched with the experience of ..

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In an increasingly competitive world, OSTIM Tech differentiates itself through hands-on, high-tech, and world-class education enriched with the experience of the thousands of real-world manufacturing companies surrounding us. Most education institutions have a hard time establishing themselves within real-world manufacturing even after decades. OSTIM Tech will overcome this long-lasting dilemma of higher education.

Higher education must provide university students with real-world experience as well as theoretical knowledge to engage them in research-based projects and jobs. With this in mind, there is a swift global shift for third-generation universities to solve real-world problems through research; thus, playing a major role by linking the emergent AI-based high-tech industry and the labor market. Right from the beginning, our students are introduced to enterprises providing hands-on-experience with on-the-job training accompanied by “Intern Mentoring.”

OSTIM Technical University is located in an area surrounded by more than 15.000 enterprises employing 200.000 blue and white-collar workers, 3 techno-parks (co-founded by 9 universities) & 9 sectoral clusters. Our graduates are given the experience and market-readiness to prepare them for their field and/or to start their own business in the future.

Currently, three Engineering Programs including Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering; one Economics and Administrative Sciences Programme, that is, International Trade and Finance; and six Vocational School Departments including Mechanic, Electronic Technology, Logistics Administration, Mechatronics, Digital Media & Marketing, and Information Security Technology degrees have been launched. All of these programs have varying degrees of scholarships based on need.



Accommodation In OSTIM University (Dormitories)



International students have a variety of options to meet their accommodation needs throughout their educational life in Ankara. Students can stay in university dormitories located within the campuses, in-state dormitories managed by the KYK (Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution) located at various points in the city, in private dormitories, or in the apartments they rent in the city.
Almost all of the state dormitories and university dormitories in Ankara are separate for male and female students. Although the number of students staying in the rooms is variable, prices may increase or decrease usually depending on the number of people staying in the room.
In the room and common areas, every piece of furniture that a student may need is available for students. Dormitories have wired / wireless Internet access available to all students. Some dormitories have their own cafeteria and usually serve breakfast and dinner here. Communal areas such as TV room, study room, and kitchen are also available for students.
It is possible to find private dormitories around most university campuses. The facilities offered by the private dormitories are mostly higher than the state dormitories (for example, newer and varied furniture), but their fees are higher.







Ankara has four different Metro lines which are connected to each other. There is a walking distance of just 1 minute between the OSTİM Metro Station which is on root M1 (Törekent-Kızılay) of Ankara Metro. On this metro line, the transportation time between two stops is approximately 2 minutes. The time taken from Ankara’s centrally-located Kızılay Metro Station, which is also the connecting point of all four metro lines, is about 22 minutes. Transportation from OSTİM Technical University to Ankara Intercity Terminal Operations (AŞTİ) can be provided by passing from Kızılay metro stop to A1 Ankaray metro line. The total transportation time from OSTİM Technical University to AŞTİ takes approximately 32 minutes.




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