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Ostim Technical University

Ostim University offers a model of higher education built on innovation, research, development, and entrepreneurial leadership.

Ostim University

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Discover Ostim University and How to Easily Secure Your Academic Admission

Ostim University offers a model of higher education built on innovation, research, development, and entrepreneurial leadership. With its extensive expertise and contributions to industry development, Ostim excels through the application of “learning through practice,” ensuring students gain hands-on experience from their first day of study. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, students engage in practical learning within modern labs and centers.

As one of Turkey’s premier industrial universities, Ostim Tech is at the forefront of its field. Founded in 2017 by the Ostim Industrial Foundation, consisting of influential entrepreneurs and industry leaders in Turkey, the university is located in the capital city, Ankara. 

Ostim Tech’s global ranking stands at 7650, with a local rank of 180.

To understand Ostim’s significance, let’s delve into its goals:

– Provide exceptional education through an evolving modern system that combines theoretical knowledge with intensive practical training.
– Strengthen ties between academia and industry by involving industrial stakeholders, offering seminars, and valuable training opportunities.
– Become an international academic hub attracting highly qualified faculty members.
– Shape students into culturally aware, socially responsible graduates.

Ostim’s Vision:

Ostim envisions itself as an exemplar of industry-university collaboration, building a strong foundation with quality infrastructure, skilled academics, and cutting-edge research and application facilities. It aims to excel across various disciplines through the latest technologies.

Let’s explore the Ostim University campus:

– The sole campus, situated in the industrial city of Ostim, is surrounded by over 15,000 companies employing 200,000 professionals. It houses modern research centers, labs, libraries, and recreational facilities.
– The three colleges include Engineering, Architecture and Design, and Economics and Business, offering 12 bachelor’s programs. Postgraduate studies and vocational schools are also available.
Ostim fosters cultural diversity by offering programs in English and Turkish and encouraging the study of languages like Arabic, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese.

Reasons to Choose Ostim for Your Studies in Turkey:

– Affordable education, particularly in engineering disciplines.
– Dual-degree programs to enhance expertise.
– Strong career planning center for professional development.
– Internship opportunities with a monthly stipend.
– Membership in Erasmus exchange program for a global outlook.

Prominent Research Centers at Ostim:

– Industrial Policy and Development Research Center.
– Lifelong Learning Research Center.
– AHI EVRAN Entrepreneurship Research Center.
– Applied Entrepreneurship Research Center.

Discover Ostim University’s Specializations with Our Guidance:

– College of Engineering: Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Materials and Nanotechnology Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Software Engineering.
– College of Architecture and Design: Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Industrial Design.
– College of Economics and Business: Business Administration, Economics, International Trade and Finance, Management Information Systems, Marketing.

Ostim’s Institutes:

– Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences.
– Institute of Social Sciences.

Two-Year Diploma Programs Include:

– Cybersecurity, Medical Device Technology, E-Commerce and Marketing, Logistics, Computer Programming, Mechatronics, Machinery, Electric Machinery Technology, Technical Arms Industry Training.

What are the tuition fees at Ostim University?

The average tuition fees at Ostim University are moderate compared to other universities in Turkey and abroad, ranging from… dollars to… dollars. Costs vary depending on the specific programs the student is enrolled in.

Is Ostim University recognized?

Yes, Ostim University is recognized and accredited by the Turkish Higher Education Council and the Institution of Evaluation of Engineering Programs in Turkey. 

It has also received accreditation from ABET, the international accreditation body for engineering and technology based in the United States. Ostim University is licensed by EUR-ACE, indicating that its engineering programs adhere to global and European standards and are endorsed by the European Union.

Does Ostim University offer student accommodation?

Ostim University doesn’t provide on-campus student accommodation. However, it’s generally easy to find private accommodations in Ankara, often at a lower cost compared to Istanbul.

 Due to Ostim University’s proximity to the Ostim Metro Station, students can choose to live in various areas and conveniently reach the campus via the metro station.

How to enroll at Ostim University?

To enroll at Ostim University:

– Provide a translated and embassy-certified copy of your passport, along with a passport-sized photo.
– Submit a translated and certified copy of your high school diploma in English or Turkish. If you haven’t completed high school, a translated and certified copy of your most recent academic transcript is required.
– Present a certificate of English proficiency.
– Additional documents and certificates might qualify you for tuition discounts; it’s recommended to submit them if available.

If you need assistance, guidance, or information about the university, you can contact the Almeni team through the websiteAlemni Shokran.”

University details

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Specialties Duration of study Language Installment
Software Engineering 4 Turkish 2250$
International Trade and Finance 4 English 2250$
Management Information Systems 4 Turkish 2250$
Mechanical Engineering 4 English 2250$
Industrial Engineering 4 Turkish 2250$
Business Administration 4 English 2250$
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design 4 Turkish 2250$
Management Information Systems 4 English 2250$
Aerospace Engineering 4 English 3500$
Industrial Product Design 4 English 2250$
Industrial Engineering 4 English 2250$
Artificial intelligence Engineering 4 Turkish 2250$
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 4 Turkish 2250$
Economics 4 English 2250$
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 4 English 2250$
Software Engineering 4 English 2250$
Industrial Products Design 4 Turkish 2250$
Computer Engineering 4 Turkish 2250$
Computer Engineering 4 English 2250$
Materials Science and Engineering 4 English 2250$
Marketing 4 English 2250$
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design 4 English 3000$
Specialties Duration of study Language Installment
International Business Administration 2 English 2250$
International Business Administration 2 English 2250$
Industrial Policy and Technology Management 2 English 2250$
Computer Engineering 2 English 2250$
Business Administration 2 English 2250$
Entrepreneurship 2 Turkish 2250$
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 2 English 2250$
Mechanical Engineering 2 Turkish 2250$
Software Engineering 2 Turkish 2250$
Specialties Duration of study Language Installment
Computer Programming 2 Turkish 2000$
Electronic Technology 2 Turkish 2000$
Mechatronics 2 Turkish 2000$
Electricity 2 Turkish 2000$
Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technology 2 Turkish 2000$
Digital Media and Marketing 2 Turkish 2000$
Information Security Technology 2 Turkish 2000$
Biomedical Equipment Technology 2 Turkish 2000$
UAV Technologies and Operations 2 Turkish 2000$
Computer Aided Design and Animation 2 Turkish 2000$
Machinery 2 Turkish 2000$
Arms Industry Technical Training 2 Turkish 2000$
Production Quality Control 2 Turkish 2000$
Logistics 2 Turkish 2000$

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