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Rumeli University

  MISSION Istanbul Rumeli University’s mission is to pass on the rich body of knowledge they have acquired throughout the ..

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Istanbul Rumeli University’s mission is to pass on the rich body of knowledge they have acquired throughout the centuries serving as a cultural bridge among civilizations. In addition to this wealth of knowledge, they aim to form individuals who possess a contemporary, modern and universal frame of mind. In line with Rumeli Philosophy, patriotism, and an appreciation of national values, students will be able to refrain from all kinds of dogmatic thought, molds, and stereotypes. We are dedicated to fostering a learning environment where students pay attention to detail and detect differences and are able to think independently while being open to debate and discussion. Lastly, they aspire as an institution to cultivate individuals who are just as critical and interrogative as they are analytic, solution-oriented, and creative.



Istanbul Rumeli University’s vision is to be a universal university that takes into consideration its stakeholder’s satisfaction while placing an emphasis on and contributing to national and international values. The university intends to be an institution which continuously evolves and develops and aims to be venturous, dynamic, and competitive.




Besides the Mehmet Balcı Campus in Silivri, the Fikriye Balcı Campus in Çatalca has been landscaped for 30 years since 1986 and turned into green heaven with many trees, plants and designed recreational areas to raise environmental awareness among young people.

Made with great efforts, Balcı Foundation supports hundreds of students with scholarships at T.R Istanbul Rumeli University and guides them to discover their talents.

Mehmet Balcı Yerleşkesi
Fikriye Balcı Uygulama ve Araştırma Yerleşkesi
Haliç Uygulama ve Araştırma Yerleşkesi
Bostancı Uygulama ve Araştırma Yerleşkesi
Esenyurt Uygulama ve Araştırma Yerleşkesi
Sürekli Eğitim Merkezi Pastacılık Akademisi



Erasmus Office


The mission of the Erasmus Office is to serve to the accomplishment, administration, and coordination of student and staff exchange, collaborative projects, and training between Istanbul Rumeli University and foreign entities of higher education within the framework of Erasmus + Programme.

By conducting multi-faceted and contentful cooperation activities with the entities of higher education in other countries, Istanbul Rumeli University aims to accomplish academic, professional, social, and cultural achievements and to contribute to the transformation of the university into a prestigious institution of higher education at an international level.


Spread in a 1000 m2 area İstanbul Rumeli University Library offers a user-centered service by means of its information resources, information technologies and a wide array of facilities. library, with its functional study areas that support both individual and group study, has been designed as a real living and learning zone. İstanbul Rumeli University Library welcomes to its collection any information source that supports academic activities and scientific researches via purchasing, donation, and subscription. In the library collection-development procedure, demands from the academicians, students, and administrative personnel are prioritized on the request list. In the library, recent advancements in information technologies are followed, and through various electronic resources such as databases, e-journals, and e-books we have so far accumulated a rich print collection. Besides non-book materials and intelligent games included in the collection, we have moved beyond the traditional library approach to be able to offer users the best information service.


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