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Study medicine in Turkey

Specializing in medicine has inspired many before us, and its study remains a recurring dream in the minds of young people.

Study Medicine In Turkey

Major of Medicine in Turkey: Features, Specializations, and Important Admission Requirements for Study

Specializing in medicine has inspired many before us, and its study remains a recurring dream in the minds of young people. 

However, the vision of parents seeing their child as a doctor is considered a great hope because parents view the study of human medicine as one of the noblest professions.

The ancient Egyptians and Greeks were the first to delve into the field of medicine, followed by many Muslims such as Ibn Sina, Abu Bakr Al-Razi, and Ibn Al-Nafis. Therefore, it is a great honor for those pursuing a specialization in medicine to follow in the footsteps of these great minds.

What is the Major of human medicine?
It is a major that focuses on protecting humans from various diseases and working to alleviate pain in critical conditions.

Advantages of studying human medicine in Turkey:

• Turkish medical colleges rank twelfth globally in the medical field, making many interested in studying human medicine in Turkey.
• The government imposes strict control to improve the quality of education in medical colleges in Turkey by monitoring the progress of education to align with the latest technologies and research in the medical field and actively participating in international research.
• There are over 120 medical colleges across different regions of Turkey, with more than 7,000 Turkish and foreign students studying there.
• Turkey became a member of the European Higher Education Area in 2001, giving its education system a European character.
Students can study in Turkish or English.
• There are numerous medical hospitals dedicated to student training during their studies.
• Turkish medical degrees are globally recognized.
• Lower cost of studying medicine in Turkey compared to various European countries
• Affordable cost of living in Turkey
• There are several scholarships available, such as the Avicenna scholarship and the Turkish government scholarship, which receive a high number of applications. Having an experienced consultant assist you in filling out the application form will increase your chances of acceptance.

Admission requirements for studying medicine in Turkey:

Studying human medicine at Turkish public universities
The admission requirements vary according to the regulations of each university, but there are some essential prerequisites, such as:
• Passing the Yös or SAT exam
• If studying in English, obtain a TOEFL or IELTS certificate or take the university’s language proficiency test to determine your English language level. If successful, the university will enroll you in the first year. If unsuccessful, you will need to study English or Turkish, depending on the language of the program, for one year.

Student acceptance rate for studying human medicine at public universities:
Achieving 90% on the high school diploma qualifies you to enroll in government universities in Turkey, or 80% with the Yös or SAT certificate.

Studying human medicine at private Turkish universities
It is much easier to study at private universities.
Private universities do not require additional certificates besides the high school diploma.

Student acceptance rate for studying human medicine at private universities:

You can join private universities with a minimum of 80% on your high school diploma.

Required documents for students to study human medicine in Turkey:

valid passport.
Passport-sized photos with a white background
High school diploma translated into Turkish or English
a Translated statement of grades for all subjects into Turkish or English.

Duration of studying human medicine in Turkey:

The study duration in Turkey is six years. Students start practical training in Turkish hospitals in their fourth year. If the student does not possess a language certificate, an additional preparatory year for language study will be added.

Human medicine major system in Turkey:

First and second years:
Students study important subjects such as chemistry, physics, and mathematics.
Third year:
Focuses on studying microbiology and anatomy.
Fourth and fifth years:
Studying the practical and basic clinical aspects.
Sixth year:
A year of practical training with a modest salary.

How much does studying medicine cost in Turkey?
The tuition fees for studying medicine in Turkey range from $2,500 to $10,000 at government universities, while private universities start at $12,000 up to $25,000.

Salary of a human doctor in Turkey:

The doctor’s salary varies depending on the specialization and the hospital, but what we are sure of is that the Turkish government increased doctors’ salaries in early 2022. Salaries start from approximately 13,000 lira to 24,000 lira.

Top universities for studying human medicine in Turkey:
Medipol University
Bahçeşehir University
Istinye University
Istanbul Aydın University
Üsküdar University
Atılım University
Istanbul Okan University
Altinbaş University
Bilgi University
Beykent University

Key scholarships for studying human medicine at Turkish universities:
Turkish Government Scholarship for Studying Human Medicine in Turkey:
The Turkish government has made significant efforts to provide scholarships for students aspiring to study medicine in Turkey. 

Each year, there is intense competition for the 300 available seats for students. The scholarship offers many benefits to help them pursue their studies at different academic levels, including undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs, as well as scientific research.

Funding for the Turkish Government Scholarship includes:
Free accommodation
Comprehensive health insurance
monthly stipend of up to 800 lira.
Round-trip airfare from and to your home country
free Turkish language education for one year.

Turkish Government Scholarship in Cooperation with the Islamic Bank for Studying Human Medicine:
Funding for the scholarship covers:
tuition fees.
Travel expenses
Accommodation costs
Assistance in applying for a student visa
Monthly stipend to cover living expenses:
1800 lira for undergraduate students.
2100 lira for master’s students
2600 lira for doctoral students

Eastern Mediterranean University scholarship for studying human medicine:
Funding for the scholarship includes:
Full tuition throughout the study period in Turkey

Beykent University scholarship for studying human medicine:
The scholarship offers various options from international scholarship programs. You can learn about them by contacting Alemni Shokran.

Funding for the Beykent University scholarship includes:
Full tuition fees
health insurance for the student.
laptop computer.
monthly stipend for the student.

Abdullah Gül University scholarship for studying human medicine:
Funding for the scholarship includes:
Full tuition fees
health insurance for the student.
laptop computer.
monthly stipend for the student.

Sabanci University scholarship for studying human medicine:
Funding for the scholarship includes:
Full tuition fees
Monthly net stipend for the student:
2500 lira for master’s students
3000 lira for doctoral students
limited on-campus accommodation for a certain period, up to 10 months for master’s students and 12 months for doctoral students.
In case of refusal of on-campus accommodation, a monthly allowance of 750 lira will be provided.
Students involved in research projects receive a monthly stipend for 10 months.

Antalya Bilim University scholarship for studying human medicine:
Antalya Bilim University is one of the most distinguished universities in Turkey, as it aims to help students develop their intellectual and research capabilities to achieve their various goals.

Funding for the scholarship includes:
Full tuition fees
There are several other advantages that you can learn about by contacting Alemni Shokran.



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