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İzmir University of Economics

İzmir University of Economics was established in 2001 and is one of the private universities located in Izmir. The university ..

جامعة ازمير الاقتصادية

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İzmir University of Economics was established in 2001 and is one of the private universities located in Izmir.

The university includes 8 colleges, two colleges for postgraduate studies, 3 vocational colleges, 3 institutes, and 9 centers for studies and research; Its curricula are taught in English only.

The university contains a huge library – a gym – artistic workshops – workshops – a medical center where students can enjoy all these advantages through studying at the university and reserving its seat.

Advantages of İzmir University of Economics:

♦ The university holds local, Arab, and international recognition.

♦ The University has 85 different student clubs that attract different student interests.

♦ The university uses English as the main language to teach its various programs.

♦ It has student exchange programs such as the Erasmus program which gives students the opportunity to study a year or semester at any university in the European Union, and the Farabi program for Turkey and many countries of the world including Canada, America, and Australia.

The university depends on its approach on innovative and unique educational methods as it revolves around the student with a balance in focusing on the depth and breadth of the knowledge provided, it is a young and dynamic university with a vision to provide the best educational experience for its students and to be one of the leading universities in Turkey.

It offers an integrated system of higher education and practical experience and focuses on the student through academically rigorous coursework, dynamic teaching, meaningful research, and the myriad of opportunities for students to engage with society locally and abroad, as it seeks to build a diverse community of educated and disassociated students With social and scientific responsibility at the global level.




The Mission of Izmir University of Economics is to raise innovative and qualified individuals who are inquisitive, and equipped with leadership attributes, entrepreneurial capabilities, and critical thinking skills, and to contribute to science with unique researches.


The Vision of Izmir University of Economics is to become a preeminent institution for higher education that leads society through high-quality education and scientific researches on a universal level.


Izmir Chamber of Commerce (IZTO), one of the leading non-governmental organizations of Turkey, which has 80 thousand members, was founded in 1885. Izmir Chamber of Commerce, which has witnessed three centuries, has always been the symbol of innovations and changes since the Izmir Economics Congress in 1923 to which Atatürk attended personally.

Life at IUE (Campus)

You can easily reach the campus in Balçova by taking the subway or bus, or by ferry. It only takes 20 minutes to go to Alsancak or Konak. Being away from the chaos of the city, stress, and traffic, you will be able to enjoy a tranquil life in Balçova, where you can have free time for yourself and do whatever your heart desires. You don’t need to think twice about what to do with your friends or where to go. You will be hooked on the talks with famous people, surprise concerts, festivals, and offbeat events that take place on campus. You can also attend one of the 50 student clubs based on your interests, participate in events on campus, and enjoy yourself.


Student Clubs

If you want to improve yourself socially as well as academically and have a free and fun time in your areas of interest, you can choose any of the 50 student clubs and make new friendships and hobbies. It is very much possible to establish close communication with academics, and meet the representatives of the business world, and take the first steps towards your career while you are a student. Remember that social and cultural richness is just as important as the diploma you receive when you graduate.


IUE library has been established in 2002 in parallel with the establishment of the university in order to cover the information needs of the academic personnel, students, and the researchers, and to contribute to the education and research activities.

Targets: To meet information and documentation requirements of our academicians, students, and users coming from outside and to support their scientific studies by providing, arranging, and presenting any kind of information and documentation needed for our education, scientific studies of our University, and transmission of information.


Izmir University of Economics Student Dormitory has been established to provide healthy, secure, and clean accommodation to students coming from different parts of Turkey and from abroad, and to support and ease their communal life.

The Student Dormitory, which was opened in 2006, is conveniently located on Campus. In addition to being a part of the University, the Student Dormitory is a second home to many, so we do our best to make them feel at home.


Students who are currently studying in other countries can apply to Izmir University of Economics to study as students for one or two semesters.



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