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Private Turkish Universities

Turkey has been one of the most rapidly developing countries in recent years, particularly in the field of education.

Private Turkish Uuniversities

Get to Know the Top Private Universities in Turkey

Turkey has been one of the most rapidly developing countries in recent years, particularly in the field of education.

 It has gained a prestigious position among international universities, owing to its high-quality educational services, good efficiency, and relatively low tuition fees compared to other countries. Moreover, Turkey offers a wide range of specializations sought after by students.

The most significant advantage is that private universities in Turkey offer instruction in both English and Turkish, catering to the preferences of students. Consequently, Turkey has become one of the top educational destinations for many Arab students in recent times. Notably, Turkish private universities do not require any entrance exams; they accept high school diplomas as sufficient proof of eligibility.

In this article, you will discover the best private universities in Turkey currently.

Key Headings in the Article:
– Sabanci University
– Bahçeşehir University
– Istanbul Aydin University
– Yeditepe University
– Özyeğin University
– Istanbul Kültür University
– Istanbul Medipol University
– Nişantaşi University
– Istanbul Okan University
– Kadir Has University
– Fennerbahce University
– Maltepe University
– Medipol Ankara University
–  Halic University
– Istanbul Atlas University
– Isik University
– Biruni University
– Istanbul Gelisim University
– Beykoz University
– Yeni yuzyil University
– Arel University
– Istanbul Esenyurt University
– Ayvan Saray University
– Atilim University
– Istanbul Ticaret University
– Ostim Technical University
– Istinye University
– Istanbul Kent University
– Istanbul Bilgi University
– altinbas University
– Private University Prices in Turkey
– What Is the Ranking of Private Universities in Turkey?
– Advantages of Applying Through “Alumni Shukran” in Turkish Private Universities

List of Top Private Universities in Turkey:

Sabanci University

Sabanci University was established in 1994 in Istanbul, and the first students were enrolled in 1999. 

The university stands out for its unique and distinct teaching methods, setting it apart from other universities in Turkey.

 It is ranked 12th locally and 1068th globally. The university comprises 3 colleges, 11 undergraduate programs, 46 graduate programs, and 15 doctoral programs.

Sabanci University offers instruction in English and ensures employment opportunities for its graduates, making it one of the best private universities in Turkey. With over 5,000 students in various fields of study, it has produced more than 13,000 graduates.

Bahçeşehir University

Founded in 1998, Bahçeşehir University is known for its motto, “A University at the Crossroads of the World in the Heart of Istanbul.” It is one of Turkey’s leading private universities, not only at the local level but also on the global stage. 

Bahçeşehir University has 9 colleges, a professional school, 39 undergraduate programs, 37 master’s programs, and 2 doctoral programs. 

The university offers strong academic programs, both theoretical and practical, tailored to meet the needs of companies, industries, and various sectors in the job market. It has approximately 5,000 international students.

Istanbul Aydin University

Established in 2007, Istanbul Aydin University is a relatively new institution with ambitious goals of being among the top five universities in Turkey.

 It boasts 12 faculties, 3 institutes, 3 vocational schools, and 36 research centers. The university has a student population of around 38,000, including 5,500 international students.

 Istanbul Aydin University also provides numerous study abroad opportunities through its partner universities worldwide.

Yeditepe University

Founded in 1996 by the Istanbul Education and Culture Foundation (ISTEK), Yeditepe University offers instruction in English and ranks high among both local and global universities. It is known for its diverse range of programs, with 13 faculties and over 100 specializations.

 The university is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education, the European Union, and the United States. 

Yeditepe University participates in the Erasmus International Student Exchange Program, distinguishing it from other private universities in Turkey.

Özyeğin University

Established in 2007, Özyeğin University is focused on research, development, and education in Turkey. 

It is the first Turkish university with a LEED-certified campus and is recognized in many Arab countries such as Jordan and Egypt.

 In 2022-2023, it was ranked as the top private university by the European ranking institution. Özyeğin University aims to be a prominent player in education in Turkey and continuously adapts to changes and developments.

Istanbul Kültür University

Founded in 1997 by the Kültür Educational Foundation (KEV), Istanbul Kültür University is one of Turkey’s oldest private educational institutions. 

It ranks 41st locally and 3107th globally and offers more than 45 undergraduate programs and 46 graduate programs.

 The university’s vision is to be a leader in business, scientific research, and community service, both locally and internationally.

Istanbul Medipol University

Considered one of the top private universities in Turkey, Istanbul Medipol University was established in 2009 by the Turkey Health and Education Foundation (TESA). 

It ranks 92nd locally and 4717th globally. The university specializes in medical fields, offering programs in human medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy.

 Medipol University boasts advanced scientific laboratories and research facilities.

Nişantaşi University

Nişantaşi University, founded in 2009 by the Nişantaşi Education and Culture Foundation, holds the 104th local rank and the 5686th global rank. 

Located in the heart of Istanbul, it has two campuses: Osmanbey and the new NeoTech Campus. 

The university excels in embracing digital technology to meet the demands of the technology and artificial intelligence sectors.

Nişantaşi University is known for its commitment to practical training to acquire hands-on experience and skills.

These are just a few of the top private universities in Turkey, each offering unique programs and opportunities for students. 

Turkey’s private universities have made significant strides in providing high-quality education and attracting students from around the world.

Istanbul Okan University

   Istanbul Okan University is one of the most prestigious and attractive universities for international students.

 It was founded in 1999 by the Okan Foundation for Culture, Education, and Sports, under the slogan “The University Closest to the Business World.”

– It is ranked 77th locally and 4369th globally.
– The university excels in health sciences and medical fields, owning 5 hospitals where students receive practical training and clinical experience.
Istanbul Okan University has 3 distinct campuses: Tuzla Campus, Mecidiyeköy Campus, and Kadıköy Campus.
– It comprises 7 colleges, including the College of Medicine and Dentistry, offering 18 Ph.D. programs, 70 fellowship programs, 68 undergraduate programs, and 77 master’s programs.

Kadir Has University

  Kadir Has University was established in 1997 in Istanbul by the late engineer and businessman, Abdülkadir Has.

 It is one of Turkey’s oldest universities and is known for its unique scientific perspective that sets it apart from other Turkish universities.

  The university is internationally recognized, ranking 3019th globally and 38th locally.

 Kadir Has University consists of 5 faculties and offers 23 undergraduate programs, 13 Ph.D. programs, and 26 master’s programs.

Fennerbahçe University

Fennerbahçe University, established in 2016 in Istanbul by the Fennerbahçe Education, Culture, and Health Foundation, began its journey in 2019-2020.

The university aspires to achieve a high status and earn great respect as an educational institution in Turkey.

It houses 5 faculties: Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Sports Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Architecture, and Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, offering 17 undergraduate programs.

Gedik University

Gedik University started as a vocational school in 2010 under the Gedik Foundation. It is recognized by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education and acknowledged in all European Union countries and some Arab countries.

In a short span of time, Gedik University has gained a significant reputation in Istanbul and globally.

The university comprises 6 faculties, 3 vocational schools, and an institute for postgraduate studies, with 21 applied and research centers.

Maltepe University

Maltepe University was founded in 1997 by the Marmara Education Foundation in the heart of Maltepe, Istanbul.

It houses 9 faculties, including Medicine, Law, Engineering and Natural Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Education, Fine Arts, Architecture and Design, Business and Management Sciences, and Communication, in addition to a Graduate School.

The university has agreements with 75 international institutions and offers bilingual education in English and Turkish.

Ankara Medipol University

Established in 2018 by the Research and Science Foundation, Ankara Medipol University 

aims to meet the needs of the business world.

It boasts 10 faculties, including Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy, offering 41 undergraduate programs, 3 vocational schools, a preparatory school, and a diverse range of specialties, along with a graduate institute.

The university has gained the trust of students and academics in a short time and signed many international student exchange agreements.

Halic University

Halic University was founded in 1998, with a mission to become a comprehensive university in various fields, including health, sports, and the arts, while aiming to enhance education in the country.

It comprises 7 faculties, including Medicine, Arts, Engineering, as well as professional schools and a graduate school, along with a music institute.

The university helps students develop practical skills, conduct scientific research, and offers over 65 laboratories.

Istanbul Atlas University

The university was founded in 2018 and began its educational journey in 2020-2021. The university comprises five faculties: Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry, and Faculty of Health Sciences. It offers 22 undergraduate majors, as well as doctoral programs, a professional school, and a graduate institute with five master’s programs. 

The university’s vision is to be a leader in the field of health sciences, internationally recognized, and to follow an innovative educational approach.

 Additionally, the university has 23 laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. What sets it apart is that it provides its students with the opportunity to study a second major alongside their primary specialization, known as dual education.

 The university’s hospitals include Atlas University Hospital and Faculty of Dentistry Hospital.

Istanbul Aydın University

The university was established in 1996 by the Feyziye Educational Foundation, which has been a prestigious educational institution in Turkey since 1885.

 The university offers innovative educational programs covering various modern fields and aims to harness the talents of its students. 

The university comprises the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture, offering over 41 undergraduate majors, 36 master’s programs, 6 doctoral programs, and 17 fellowship programs in a single college, along with all necessary facilities. 

Istanbul Aydın University provides various cultural and recreational activities for its students and has signed agreements with more than 104 universities for international student exchange programs.

Beykoz University

Founded in 2016 by the Turkish Foundation for Education and Research, after its establishment as Beykoz Vocational Logistics School in 2008, Beykoz University aims to excel in providing educational, research, and training services. The university comprises the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Faculty of Arts and Design, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, and Faculty of Social Sciences.

 It also includes Beykoz Vocational Logistics School, Civil Aviation School, and Foreign Languages School. 

The university’s mission is to be distinguished in providing educational, research, and training services.

Yeni Yüzyıl University

Established in 2009, Yeni Yüzyıl University welcomed its first academic year in 2010-2011. It is considered one of the best private universities in Turkey, known for its modernity and adaptability to change. 

The university places a strong emphasis on medical fields, offering various specializations and practical training opportunities in top Turkish hospitals. 

Its main goal is to produce a generation of researchers and scholars in various fields, prioritizing knowledge and dedication to the betterment of society.

Arel University

Founded in 2007 by the Kamal Gürsoy Kara Culture and Education Foundation, Arel University stands out for helping its students determine their professional futures during and after their university studies. 

The university’s vision is to become an international research institution capable of analyzing all aspects of the country’s economy, culture, society, and striving to improve them.

 Arel University has three campuses: Kemal Gürsoy Campus, Sefaköy Campus, and Cevizlibağ Campus. It offers seven faculties, 40 undergraduate programs, seven doctoral programs, a vocational school, and a graduate institute with 28 master’s programs.

Istanbul Esenyurt University

Established in 2013 by the Yeşilköy Foundation for Education, Culture, and Health, Istanbul Esenyurt University is known for its modern infrastructure and academic excellence, including well-equipped laboratories and research centers.

The university also has significant collaborations with numerous European universities. Its mission is to instill a spirit of initiative and change in students and equip them with the highest level of skills to be fully prepared for their future. 

The university comprises four faculties: Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and Faculty of Business and Management Sciences, with 24 undergraduate programs, a vocational school for health services, and a graduate institute offering various master’s and doctoral programs.

Atılım University

Established in 1997 by Atılım Foundation, the university aims to be a leading institution offering a unique and advanced educational system.

What sets it apart is that it is considered one of the top 10 universities in Turkey and is ranked 506th globally in the field of medical sciences. 

Atılım University has also been accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education. 

The university comprises seven faculties: Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Fine Arts, Design, and Architecture, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Business.

 Additionally, it has a vocational school and three graduate institutes, as well as a professional flight school.

 The university has contracts with various nearby student dormitories.

Bahçeşehir Cyprus University

Established recently in 2017, the university has quickly become one of the top private universities in Turkey, thanks to its quality education.

 The university primarily uses English as the language of instruction and offers engineering programs based on the latest curricula with advanced technological equipment. 

Bahçeşehir Cyprus University has collaborations with many universities, including New York University, Yogyakarta University, Berlin Technical University, Harvard University, Stanford University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Başkent University

Founded in 2011 by the NP GROUP, one of the most renowned hospital groups in Turkey, it is the only Turkish university supported by top hospitals, laboratories, and health centers. 

The university is dedicated to providing the highest level of education, enabling its students to keep up with scientific developments while emphasizing practical applications to enhance their knowledge.

 It ranks 70th domestically and 3665th globally. Its mission is to create a generation with extensive knowledge and unlimited learning to solve various problems.

The university comprises six colleges: Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, and Faculty of Pharmacy, as well as five graduate institutes and a school of professional health services.

Istanbul Ticaret University

Established in 2001 in Istanbul by the Foundation for Education and Social Services, with substantial support from the Chamber of ticaret in Istanbul. 

It has gained international recognition in academia by attracting top academics and adding scholarly value to its programs through valuable research contributions annually.

Its mission is to be a strong university capable of adapting to all changes in the private and public sectors, ensuring its scientific and commercial progress. The university offers 129 majors in six colleges: Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Communication, and Faculty of Law. It also has five graduate institutes and 15 scientific research centers where students can conduct research and practical work.

Ostim Technical University

Founded in 2017 in Ankara by the Ostim Industrialists and Businessmen Association, one of the leading business groups in Turkey. 

It is known as one of the best industrial universities in Turkey, distinguished by its long experience and contributions to industrial development through the application of the “learning by doing” principle. The university has three faculties: Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, and Faculty of Architecture and Design. It offers 12 undergraduate majors, a vocational school, and a graduate school. 

It boasts 18 student associations that cover various educational and cultural aspects. The university also offers a diverse dual-major program for students interested in pursuing another undergraduate major to enhance their knowledge in their fields.

Istanbul Kent University

Founded in 2016 in a central location in Istanbul by the ENEV Foundation for Barrier-Free Education. 

Despite its recent establishment, it excels at keeping up with developments in education and providing educational facilities, research centers, and laboratories to train students.

Its mission is to become the first choice for international and local students seeking a high-quality education. 

The university comprises four faculties: Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Design, and Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. It offers 21 undergraduate majors, two professional schools with 15 fellowship programs, and a graduate institute. The university is dedicated to supporting its students from the moment they enter campus to securing job opportunities through its Career Development Office, which provides comprehensive guidance for their professional future.

Altınbaş University

The university was founded in 2008 by the Mohammed Tanbasi Culture and Education Foundation in Istanbul. In 2017, its name was changed to Altınbaş University

The university distinguishes itself with advanced technological infrastructure, primarily focusing on practical application in teaching and the use of modern equipment and facilities. 

The university comprises 9 faculties, a graduate school, a school of foreign languages, and a vocational school, offering approximately 100 dynamic and purposeful programs to accommodate the thinking styles of all students and help them achieve their goals.

 Altınbaş University has business partnerships with 100 local and international companies.

Istanbul Bilgi University

The university was established in 1996 by the Turkish National Grand Assembly, with over 25 years of experience in education and knowledge. 

Thanks to its outstanding global reputation, the university has received numerous international and local accreditations for various educational programs and training. It is also recognized by several Arab countries, including Oman, Libya, and Jordan.

The university has three campuses: Santral Campus, Dolapdere Campus, and Kustepe Campus. It houses 7 faculties, 4 schools, and 3 institutes, offering more than 150 educational programs taught by over 1000 experienced academics. Over 50,000 students have graduated from the university to date. 

Istanbul Bilgi University boasts a strong infrastructure equipped with laboratories and research centers to meet all student needs for theoretical material application, equipped with the latest technology for modern learning methods.

Basic Information about Private Universities in Turkey You Should Know

The tuition fees for private universities in Turkey vary depending on the university’s financial policy for each academic year, making the prices not fixed annually.

The fees are influenced by factors such as the support private universities receive from the Turkish government and the profit revenues they generate from their affiliated projects.

Private universities in Turkey do not rank highly in global rankings, but this does not mean that they lack educational quality.

 For example, Kadir Has University is ranked around 2500 globally; however, it is considered one of the most expensive private universities in Turkey.

Advantages of Applying Through Alemni Shokran in Private Universities in Turkey

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  3. We assist you in finding suitable accommodation, whether it’s university dormitories or off-campus housing.
  4. We assist you in the university registration process and provide ongoing support throughout your years of study, resolving any issues you may encounter through continuous communication.

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